Top 10 Acrylic Nail Art Designs

Acrylic nail art is one of the most popular nail treatments that you can get. It is a protective coating over the nails, and it is applied using a liquid monomer and a powder polymer. Some of the best acrylic nail art designs are listed below.

1)   Black and gold glitter

Instead of just using a plain black color, you can also spice the things up a bit by adding gold glitter contrast. This acrylic nail art has elegance and simplicity in it.

2)   Bold geometric

As much as these acrylic nail art designs are simple, they are also that much eye catching. They really standout from others but they don’t overwhelm you. And leaving a little room for nail below is brilliant as they give it a natural look.

Top Acrylic Nail Art Designs

3)   Black and red minimalism – The Very Classy Acrylic Nail Art

These are so much sophisticated and elegant looking nails that they have already made their place in the best acrylic nail art designs. Nail are colored either red or black, and then tips are colored in exact opposite. The glossy finish acquires rest of your attention.

Beautiful Acrylic Nail Art Designs

4)   Opalescent glamour

No doubt, this is one of the best acrylic nail art design that you will ever see. It seems that these nails are made out of this slices of opal or something like that. This effect can be achieved by using a glossy nail polish with some shiny and glittery one in the right amount.


5)   3D flowers

The 3D flower design is one of the most creative one. They have real texture in them and they actually emerge from the surface of your nail. They can take a lot of time to look this good, but its worth it.


6)   3D detailed design

3D detailed designs are fast coming into fashion and so they are making their place in the best acrylic nail art designs.  These nails are designed for steampunk style by using brassy hues. You can wear them on themed parties, concerts, fairs and other these kind of events.


7)   Marbled Nails

These nails are not seen around more often now but it is a really neat and good design. And it can never be out of fashion. You can always change its look by using different colors.


8)   Gold and silver chevron

This is a simple and an amazing design. It is just an ordinary chevron with three stripes. But the color combination makes it extraordinary. The top is colored in silver, middle is natural nail color and bottom is gold glitter.

9)   Neon nail splatter

Neon splatter design has been gaining popularity and is being listed into best acrylic nail art designs. The great thing about this design is that you don’t have to be precise. The combination of random colors gives you effect that you cannot get when being precise.


10)   Simple ombre pastel nails

This design immediately grabs attention, yet featuring a really simple look. It is done in an ombre gradient. The color gradient goes from pastel pink to pale blue. The pastel pink blends in with your nail color when they grow, so this design can maintain itself well over time.

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