Kristen Stewart Appears in the Sci-Fi Love Story “Equals”

Kristen Stewart the icon of beauty and charm, every teenage boy must has a huge crush on this beautiful Hollywood actress. With passage of time her popularity become increase, and beside it Filmmaker Drake Doremus who seems dead busy in different new projects. Both Emerging star now gather a platform of Equals, a romantic love story based movie. They are now a days working for Equal and give their full efforts for its success. It seem quite interesting an intense love story from a new director and shining star Stewart.

Sci-Fi Love Story “Equals”

Equal is a 2015 phantasy dystopian romantic love story film. Created by Michael Pruss, Chip Diggins, Ann Ruak, Michael Schaefer, marine turtle Scott, and Jay Stern, and written by Nathan Parker from a story by Dormeus.

Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart as two individuals in the Equal, infected with a malady that recoups their ability of compassion and feeling during a dystopian world wherever emotions do not exist; further roles are provided by Guy Pearce and Jacki Weaver. The Equals team hit the recreational facility these days for a contest screening of the artistic movement story from like thunder helmer Drake Doremus. The film had its red carpet screening in Venice and so heads to Toronto wherever a U.S. deal is anticipated to shut.

Equals is ready during a sleek, bright future wherever emotions are illegal and relationships are illegitimate. Anyone who shows signs of feeling is diagnosed with Switched-On-Syndrome, that there’s no cure. Stewart plays Nia who really has SOS however doesn’t divulge. Once Hoult’s Silas finds he conjointly has it, the 2 fall for every alternative and choose to flee. Jacki Weaver and Guy Pearce conjointly star. Reaction at the primary press screening last night was evangelistic even though a number of the reviews are mixed. The 2 leads have received sturdy praise.

Sci-Fi Love Story

The flick is in some ways that a sci-fi/dystopian fight Romeo and Juliet. It trails Silas (Nicholas Hoult) as he steers a supposed “utopia” wherever feeling has been far away from society. It’s labeled as an infection and one thing to be cleaned from your being. Once he meets with Nia role of Kristen Stewart, the results of a mysterious wellness kick in and that they fall smitten, return emotions. That puts their lives in peril, because the world clearly doesn’t need them to be along.

Well the question on Stewart seen in the film with all her amazing and stunning look. Her performance on Equal has no compatibility with any other role. And Doremus direction magic illuminated with amazing scenes of Equals. This sci-fi love story wins not only many awards but also many hearts with unbeatable performance by Stewart. Doremus wins the Sundance 2011 awards and followed that up with suspire. Equals forms the third a part of a triad concerning love.

Pokémon Movie the Life Action is really Happening

Now a days Pokémon fever in on the sky, everyone seems crazy for this awesome Live Action Pokémon Movie. Have to capture Pikachu seems full of fun and interesting. Pokémon break all the records as a popular culture development across the world now a days, and it’s since continued to be mostly liked among each kids and adults through the video games, manga, anime, and most important the mobile game Pokémon Go. Very recent gossips specified that such a project was a protracted time far from happening, it’s simply been proclaimed that a live action Pokémon moving-picture show is formally on the means.

Pokémon Movie

The Pokémon Company and Famous recreation have partnered to promotion of the “first-ever Pokémon live-action film franchise.” The first story can follow Detective Pikachu, a brand new character who was introduced within the nice Detective Pikachu Nintendo 3DS game. Details concerning however precisely the story are told weren’t discovered, however production is being try to “fast tracked” for someday in 2017. Universal can distribute the moving-picture show all over outside Japan, whereas Toho can handle distribution among Pokémon’s home country.

While Pokémon fans and players have thought of a live action movie’s potential, authorized quote such a project reality has solely surfaced among the past few months. Back in April, many studios were request for the rights to form the moving-picture show. Then quick forward to last week, once it absolutely was rumored that Legendary had closed a deal to challenge the project, concurring with Pokémon Go’s. The day when, it absolutely was rumored that the Pokémon Company and Nintendo wished to stay targeted on the sport instead of begin making a moving-picture show deal. We are able to presume currently either that info was incorrect or the game’s monumental success led them the amendment their minds. Considering what percentage individuals have downloaded Pokémon move into not up to a month, it’s positively the correct decision to seize this chance whereas the franchise is undergoing its biggest quantity of recognition in over a decade.
The nice Detective Pikachu game follows a talking version of the franchise’s being determination mysteries with an individual’s. Presumptively meaning the moving-picture show can have a well-known celebrity registration the CGI Pikachu, whereas a younger actor are the most human star. Let’s hope this private detective Holmes-style journey can attempt to embody as several of those “Pocket Monsters” as attainable, also as feature some battles.

Next to the marvelous success of Pokémon Go, Legendary footage is reportedly operating more durable to protected rights to the Pokémon authorization for a live action film, point reports.  As is sometimes the case with film rights, these items take time. It is sensible for Legendary to form an even bigger push for the franchise currently, given simply however well Pokémon Go has started out. It’s attributable for increasing Nintendo’s overall worth by $7.5 billion on weekday, despite the fact that the console maker is merely a partial owner within the Pokémon Company.

The Rare Success of Star Trek Beyond this Summer Movie Season

There is much more to like about star trek beyond, its best stellar cast among all of them have played their best roles since the franchise revived in 2009. Star trek beyond is a science fiction action film of America which is  directed by Justin Lin, its story is  based on the series of Star Trek that was created by Gene Roddenberry.

Star trek beyond is considered to be the 13th film in the Star Trek film franchise and definitely the third installment in the Star trek reboot series after Star Trek reboot which was released in 2009 and Star Trek Into Darkness in 2013.

Star Trek Movie

The most appreciable thing about the new film was that it represent a return of many big ideas that drove this splendid series in its earliest life time. The most impressive what this film does is that it did without ever calling any sort of attention to itself. The crew of the series was leaded by Captain James T. Kirk.

All the main cast members which had played their splendid role in the first two films are coming back, making us cautious in the prospect of a film without Kirk or Spock reek at each other. So that’s Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are in the previously mentioned erotic role with John Cho as Sulu and Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Zoe Saldana as Uhura and Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy. It was considered that this film will definitely be going back to basics with the endeavor’s the most remarkable mission to explore the unfamiliar parts of the universe.

The film find its cast to be trapped on an alien planet with the endeavors out of commission, which are mysteriously threatened by an enemy who had the intentions to demise the Federation.

Star Trek Beyond

This film had such an extraordinary phase. And one of the reasons that this movie had such a long development phase is that the script of the series had to be rewritten to make it less Star Treky. The purpose of this is to present the final result just like the generic space action movie. Star Trek had never been much popular like the other scientific –fiction franchises, but this series has the solid basic fan following —which Paramount apparently wants to alienate so that they can reach a broader audience.

The most amazing thing about the Star Trek Beyond is that the plot of the movie is focused on the five-year mission of the series.  Captain Kirk described the purpose of the mission is to explore the new strange worlds, to know about the new life and new cultures and civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

It was thought that star trek beyond could be the death of the franchise. Many reasons accompanied this thought. Like the star trek movies have the dump title. All the Star Trek movies were all have the same subtitle, Star Trek that described the sketch. And the rumors were there that J.J. Abrams packed up from star trek series. Without his magic touch. It’s going to just seem like imagine this particular series without lens flares all over the place.

Quinto, who plays Spock in the new films, disclose that this movie would be the plot of Star Trek Beyond to a great difference from last summer.

Britney Spears and Selena Gomez will Appear Together

The pretty Selena Gomez age 23, and the Gorgeous Britney Spears age 34 are going to collaborate soon in the world of music. The internet users are getting freak out when they heard the news on twitter. Just had a look on the breaking news and see what these superstars are going to say about their collaboration!

Britney Spears and Selena Gomez

This collaboration takes place on twitter after seeing the official page of Selena Gomez named as “Official Selenators”, where a snap chat story is uploaded on the tweeter account of Selena. This is a video in which a crown emoji is used on the head of Selena while she was sitting on a sofa.

Britney SpearsWell in the video, Selena said that she had a duet with Britney Spears named “Hands”, with other artists  including Britney  also in which they all are trying to raise funds for the victims of a nightclub in Orlando.

Britney Spears and Selena Gomez the two pop stars are going to do together once again. It is heard that Britney Spears offers Selena Gomez to record a proper duet with her. But the question is when they both are going to hit a proper duet?  Well, this news seems to be true as we have found many tweets on this topic. Could you just imagine how many tweets this post has? Eleven thousand tweets have been seen in this post and even more than seventeen thousand likes. Wow! People are freaking out for that duet. And you know what, that news have been out in the internet world that has caught by Britney.

You know Britney replied to this post asking Selena about the real duet they will have to perform. And the world of followers of both the musical icons went crazy. Not only these people got nuts even we are so excited with this news because both of the stars are just fabulous icons in the music world. The internet world got shooked up with this amazing news. The followers commented that Britney Spears offers Selena for a duet, she wants a duet with Selena or she is dying to do a duet with Selena and all.

Selena GomezAlthough this news is very interesting for us but no one knows when they are going to do  a duet as both the women are busy in their social life. Selena is out for a revival tour where Britney Spears is busy in her live shows at her very own place in Vegas. Just wait for the best.

Actually, Selena likes the offer because she is a very big fan of Britney since her childhood. In 2013, in the iD Magazine Selena told that she had the first concert of Britney which she considered as the best day of her life. Selena also said that she still remembered the lyrics of that song.

If you want to view this freaking news by your own just log in to your twitter account and join the page “Official Selenators”. You will get all comments  from their followers. stay in touch and keep updated with the latest news.

Horror Movies you Should not Watch Alone

Different moviegoers have different impacts of horror movies on them. Some of them consider these as supernatural tales while others say these are zombies , demons and monsters. There are many scary movies which will make you panic and unconsciously you may say “Oh, my…..”

So, here we are going to review some of the very freaky flicks movies which makes your night sleepless. And instead of sweet dreams you may have horror dreams or you can feel some jerk in your room.

Horror movies

1. The Exorcist

Yeah! The very classic and  scary movie “The Exorcist”. The story is about a little innocent girl. This girl has been caught by an evil demon. The evil monster controlled this innocent girl. What would be the face of that innocent girl who is possessed by an evil? What would be her body look like? Do you see the revolving head of this girl? Just Imagine!

This movie was casted on the novel written by William Peter Blatty. The movie was released in 1973.

2. Poltergeist:

Another horror movie named Poltergeist of 1982. How would you feel if someone without face come in front of you? Isn’t it terrifying? If you don’t see this movie before, go for it. But make sure that you are not alone when watching it.

A happy family living in the state of California become disturbed after having some unusual events in their home. They wondered what was happening around.

3. The Sixth Sense:

Cole a little boy is being tortured by dead people who he sees. What you think about Dr. Crowe, if he is eligible to help this poor little child to control his unusual abilities and the spirits which trapped cole? What you think cole can be back to the normal state?

The Sixth Sense 1999 a very creepy and horrible movie released and got excellent success in the global world. Bruce Willis as Dr. Crowe is facing some issues in his marital relations. He is a child psychologist who come to treat cole.

4. IT

This movie is based on Stephen King novel of the same name. The movie depicts a horrible clown which makes children scared.

In the start of the movie, a small boy is persuaded to see a clown’s dance near a sewer drain. The clown promises the little boy to give him gifts.

The evil clown kills the small boy cruelly before his brother. And after killing him, he will rush towards the children in the town. No child is safe from this evil clown. The town’s children then decided to make a group for ending the evil miseries of the clown. The group named as  “The Losers Club”.

5. Insidious:

A happy living family is moving to their new house. Their oldest son started to explore garret. At first he fall down but he is fine after having few bumps. the next morning when his mother came to wake up, the boy couldnt up. The boy was taken up to the hospital hurriedly. The doctors see the boy and they were confused at his situation because the boy is neither in the coma nor dead. He is just unconscious. What is the reason of all this? What do you think?

To get the answer just watch it out. And have sweet dreams after watching it.