Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Wins An Oscar – A Dream Come True

Leonardo DiCaprio got nominated for Academy Award as Best Actor like three times but never got a chance to won a single time. There is a best possibility that he will be nominated again for The Revenant but the competition is on the air. So coming back to the thrilling news How DiCaprio felt about the elusive Oscar? Well, he wouldn’t mind winning one and that’s very much I am sure off.

Winning an Oscar today is something that everybody would love to have and doesn’t considers himself to be an exception. “I think anyone appreciates those types of things, for sure, of course — you know, to be recognized by your peers”.

DiCaprio has been known for one of the best actors among all actors but never made a way to the Oscars. His first nomination came as Howard Hughes in the movie The Aviator in the year 2005.After two years had his role in Blood Diamond. And finally in 2014, he received his third ever nomination for The Wolf of Wall Street.


Leonardo DiCaprio always kept this notion that it’s not about winning an awards and that’s not the only reason he works in movies. He says that creating an art of cinema is the only ultimate goal he ever aims for. He wants to go back and look at his career as how far as he has come. And certainly he has achieved that goal. Leonardo has been a slither of greatest films which he got nominated for and indeed has won a number of awards wither he did it or not.
DiCaprio on winning his Oscar for 2016 for the film The Revenant thanked his director and co-star for his “fierce talent on Screen” and “friendship off screen” before getting into the talk about climate change commenting that the Revenant was “about man’s relationship to the natural world”.
“Climate change is real – it is happening right now,” said DiCaprio. “It is the most urgent threat facing our species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.”
He then asked the audience that they should “support leaders around the world who do not speak for the big polluters or the big corporations but who speak for all of humanity, for the indigenous people of the world, for the billions and billions of underprivileged people who’ll be affected by this”.
He added: “Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted.”

An Addition to American Fashion World (Donald Trump’s Daughter)

Recently, an addition to the American Fashion World has been observed on the screens which has left fashion individuals stunned. Well! The name of the mystery addition taking on the fashion world is Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany.

Mom Marla Maples cheered her on, along with Lance Bass (former NSYNC member). Tiffany’s fast friend and daughter of Robert F. Kennedy Kyra also accompanied her on the ramp in blue party dress. With 84000+ Instagram followers, Tiffany has a huge platform to kick off her career.


Since, most people know that Ivanka Trump’s career started in fashion, they didn’t welcomeTiffany much heartedly. But 22 years old Tiffany just rocked the runway at New York in fashion week. She performed her best in the first attempt. She modeled a Blue Tuxedo dress for her friend’s fashion line, Just Drew.

On the other hand, public has raised questions on the standards of American Fashion World curiously.“She is not model material. Daddy Trump must have paid a lot of money to get her on the runway” says fans and followers of Ivanka Trump (Tiffany’s half-sister).

Donald Trump who is a well-known business individual in USA and


he has always been the hot figure on media due to his several ongoing controversies off and on. Has Mr. Trump been paying big buck to keep her working as a model? People express their thoughts on Tiffany’s entrance in Fashion World and say “If wasn’t a Trump she would be rejected in agency door”.

Now, people are keeping their fingers crossed if Tiffany would be able to beat sister Ivanka in her excellent modeling skills or not!

Deep Web Search Engine Memex Fights Crime a Bit Like Minority Report

Exactly one year ago, DARPA announced a characteristically scifi-inspired mission: to create a search engine that could find things on the deep web that Google’s crawlers would miss. The so-called Memex project is now well underway, and for the first time we’re getting a look at the crime-fighting search engine in action.


Pardon the clichéd Philip K. Dick reference, but Memex looks a bit like something you’d see in Minority Report. The Pentagon’s research agency offered Scientific American and 60 Minutes exclusive looks at the technology, and the features sound absolutely mind-bending.

On the surface level, Memex works like a search engine that spreads its tentacles into the deep web and darknet. Since the likes of Google and Bing only index about 10 percent of the web, this basic functionality is key to tracking criminal movements, especially those of human traffickers who maintain the lowest of profiles.

So take this scenario: If a criminal investigator has the link to an ad posted by a human trafficker, the investigator would have a hard time finding other clues since human traffickers pull these ads before Google has a chance to index them. Memex circumvents that.

The next generation technology queries a much broader swatch of the internet, including deep web and darknet links, to find connections between the search term and its results, not to mention connections between the results.

After the initial search, Memex will then produce a so-called “data wake” that shows all of the other pages that are related to the links that you clicked on but might not otherwise see. It looks like this:

Deep Web Search Engine Memex Fights Crime a Bit Like Minority Report

That’s just one trick. The super-charged web crawlers are also able to track the movements of human traffickers by watching where they post ads. Again, these are links that would slip through Google’s tracks. The movements can them be compiled into heat maps or maps of a criminal’s movements:

Deep Web Search Engine Memex Fights Crime a Bit Like Minority Report

Things get really futuristic when you take into account the latest Memex feature. The technology is currently being beta tested by two district attorneys’ offices, a law enforcement agency, and a nongovernmental organization. The next stage of testing, due to start with a broader group of beta testers in a few weeks, is where things start to sound more like Minority Report. From Scientific American:

One of the main objectives of this round is to test new image search capabilities that can analyze photos even when portions that might aid investigators—including traffickers’ faces or a television screen in the background—are obfuscated. Another goal is to try out different user interfaces and to experiment with streaming architectures that assess time-sensitive data.

You heard that right. DARPA wants to catch criminals by looking at reflections in TV screens, the same way that Tom Cruise figures out the details of crimes before they happen. Of course, Memex can’t see into the future. However, the idea is that the technology will stop human traffickers before they hurt more people. All DARPA need now are those weird gloves, a room-sized screen, and some mutated, prophetic humans soaking in a special chamber, and the agency will finally be a full-on Philip K. Dick vision come true. [SciAm, 60 Minutes]

Top 10 Acrylic Nail Art Designs

Acrylic nail art is one of the most popular nail treatments that you can get. It is a protective coating over the nails, and it is applied using a liquid monomer and a powder polymer. Some of the best acrylic nail art designs are listed below.

1)   Black and gold glitter

Instead of just using a plain black color, you can also spice the things up a bit by adding gold glitter contrast. This acrylic nail art has elegance and simplicity in it.

2)   Bold geometric

As much as these acrylic nail art designs are simple, they are also that much eye catching. They really standout from others but they don’t overwhelm you. And leaving a little room for nail below is brilliant as they give it a natural look.

Top Acrylic Nail Art Designs

3)   Black and red minimalism – The Very Classy Acrylic Nail Art

These are so much sophisticated and elegant looking nails that they have already made their place in the best acrylic nail art designs. Nail are colored either red or black, and then tips are colored in exact opposite. The glossy finish acquires rest of your attention.

Beautiful Acrylic Nail Art Designs

4)   Opalescent glamour

No doubt, this is one of the best acrylic nail art design that you will ever see. It seems that these nails are made out of this slices of opal or something like that. This effect can be achieved by using a glossy nail polish with some shiny and glittery one in the right amount.


5)   3D flowers

The 3D flower design is one of the most creative one. They have real texture in them and they actually emerge from the surface of your nail. They can take a lot of time to look this good, but its worth it.


6)   3D detailed design

3D detailed designs are fast coming into fashion and so they are making their place in the best acrylic nail art designs.  These nails are designed for steampunk style by using brassy hues. You can wear them on themed parties, concerts, fairs and other these kind of events.


7)   Marbled Nails

These nails are not seen around more often now but it is a really neat and good design. And it can never be out of fashion. You can always change its look by using different colors.


8)   Gold and silver chevron

This is a simple and an amazing design. It is just an ordinary chevron with three stripes. But the color combination makes it extraordinary. The top is colored in silver, middle is natural nail color and bottom is gold glitter.

9)   Neon nail splatter

Neon splatter design has been gaining popularity and is being listed into best acrylic nail art designs. The great thing about this design is that you don’t have to be precise. The combination of random colors gives you effect that you cannot get when being precise.


10)   Simple ombre pastel nails

This design immediately grabs attention, yet featuring a really simple look. It is done in an ombre gradient. The color gradient goes from pastel pink to pale blue. The pastel pink blends in with your nail color when they grow, so this design can maintain itself well over time.

Kylie Jenner Transformation Over Years

Shaped Curves: Kylie Jenner Transformation – Kylie’s Keeping Sister Kim’s Emblem

kylie jenner transformation

Kylie Jenner posted polling for #PureLeef manifests her concerns for accentuate body curves highlighting kylie jenner transformation. The youngest of the Kardaishian family has found possessing interest in being a hot figure of the television screen and sharing cover pages of popular magazines about kylie jenner transformation . Her every recent appearance on the media putting on delicately embellished and fantabulous outfits makes her the event stopper. Kylie Jenner seems to crave for the public fame through her incomparable presence.
The fact that Kim is Kylie’s half-sister, her stunning sexy, kylie jenner transformation and see-through outfits reflects in her the embodiment of her sister Kim Krdashian’s seductive identity. Is Kylie a wanna be Kim? She is inspired to have an attractive and seductive body like her sister in such early age. kylie jenner transformation and her thickened curved lashes with colored contact lenses and slim lined nose along with beautifully convex butts and plumped breasts exhibit her choice of being sexy like her sister Kardashian. No doubt, what Kylie has adopted in 18, Kim is possessing in the age of 35. Kardashian Sisters shared #Cosmopolitans cover page which increased family’s fame in the industry. They are ready to go ahead.

Kylie Jenner Style And Beauty Transformation

Starting from appearing in the Reality Television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kylie continued ascending popularity on screen. Kylie jenner style, her way to captured selfies, her postures, her body related concerns, liposuctions and having built up an interesting matured and appealing body is no doubt a sign that she is going to rise among the youngest stars. Her bold dressing and kylie jenner transformation has played its vital part because Kylie knows that no matter what combination of colors or how unique the dress is, Kylie’s amazing body has guts to carry it on. Summing up, it’s not wrong to say that Kylie’s hot physical exposure and kylie jenner transformation and Kylie Jenner Style would make her add to family’s reputation and distinction in the industry and she is soon going to rise among the young celebrities.


Kylie Jenner Style looks alike Kim K

The tiniest Jenner, who turns 18 years of age today, and has go along route from her days of organizing outfits with huge sister Kendall Jenner. Presently, Kylie Jenner style is more adjusted to her more seasoned sister, Kim Kardashian West—supporting sultry outlines and proclamation shoes to knock some people’s socks off on celebrity central. Kylie Jenner Styleand Kylie Jenner Transformation has additionally turned into the most test in the magnificence division—with diverse trims and strong hair.