An Addition to American Fashion World (Donald Trump’s Daughter)

Recently, an addition to the American Fashion World has been observed on the screens which has left fashion individuals stunned. Well! The name of the mystery addition taking on the fashion world is Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany.

Mom Marla Maples cheered her on, along with Lance Bass (former NSYNC member). Tiffany’s fast friend and daughter of Robert F. Kennedy Kyra also accompanied her on the ramp in blue party dress. With 84000+ Instagram followers, Tiffany has a huge platform to kick off her career.


Since, most people know that Ivanka Trump’s career started in fashion, they didn’t welcomeTiffany much heartedly. But 22 years old Tiffany just rocked the runway at New York in fashion week. She performed her best in the first attempt. She modeled a Blue Tuxedo dress for her friend’s fashion line, Just Drew.

On the other hand, public has raised questions on the standards of American Fashion World curiously.“She is not model material. Daddy Trump must have paid a lot of money to get her on the runway” says fans and followers of Ivanka Trump (Tiffany’s half-sister).

Donald Trump who is a well-known business individual in USA and


he has always been the hot figure on media due to his several ongoing controversies off and on. Has Mr. Trump been paying big buck to keep her working as a model? People express their thoughts on Tiffany’s entrance in Fashion World and say “If wasn’t a Trump she would be rejected in agency door”.

Now, people are keeping their fingers crossed if Tiffany would be able to beat sister Ivanka in her excellent modeling skills or not!

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